Thomas B. Saunders V

Thomas B. Saunders V is a descendant of the prominent Saunders clan that came to Texas in 1850, established prospering cattle commission companies and put together additional holdings that are now known as the Twin V Ranch and Saunders Cattle Co. in Parker County, Texas. Working with his uncle, Jim Calhoun, who trained and rode the 1957 World Champion Cutting Horse King’s Pistol, Thomas learned early on the art of raising and training good horses. It was the female offspring of King’s Pistol that produced industry leading sires such as Playgun, Smart Little Pistol and Cat Silver, and provided the foundation for the present line of breeding at Saunders Ranch.

Thomas has spent his life starting colts and finishing them as well-trained ranch horses to use on the Saunders’ ranches. His love of a good mount grew from the need to ride a horse that had the handle and physical ability to do whatever was needed on the ranch. Thomas’ reputation for making and riding good ranch horses caused him to be sought out to start colts for ranches and individuals across Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, California, and even South America.

Thomas’ working knowledge of horses and ranching has put him on the equine advisory boards at both Texas A&M University and Colorado State University, and has secured his position on the Fort Worth Stock Show Ranch Rodeo Horse Committee and as ranch rodeo stock contractor for Fort Worth, Houston, Wichita Falls, the Stamford Cowboy Reunion and Parker County Ranch Rodeos. Thomas’ well-trained horses have been used on the movie sets of Secondhand Lions, The Alamo and The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada. On top of this, Thomas is proud of his involvement as boss wrangler for Road To The Horse from its inception in 2003 through 2009.

While his greatest joy is working side-by-side with his family at the Twin V Ranch, Thomas’ travels have afforded him the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of great horsemen and horsemanship techniques. Thomas’ unique brand of horsemanship is rooted in the activities of a working ranch, and this sixth generation cowboy enjoys passing that knowledge on.

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